Destiny Christian Center is God’s house, and sometimes we call out to God’s people to lift a hand and help others. This is where we invite you to give to others – through your own donations.

Montana Wildfire

Out of God’s Abundant Blessings we give to others!

The pictures and details on this page may change from time to time as we change our focus and help other organizations or people in need.

Information about the family ranch where this money and hay will be taken:
Ron and Sheri Rooney from Broadus Montana. They are ranchers who have grown children. They have 250 commercial mommy cows and all of their summer pasture has burned up. They are lifelong ranchers and they are having to start feeding their cattle months before they planned. The donation of hay has a value of around $5000 and will feed their cows for approximately 30 days. They have been told about the donation and the man had tears in his eyes that someone would care enough to help them. They have not been able to connect with the state of Montana’s efforts to find them hay so this donation will be of great significance and possibly help keep them in business, which other wise, they would have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars buying hay.

This has been arranged through the Faith Bible Church in Broadus, MT and they have vetted the family. Any questions they might have can be sent to pastor Tom Herzog.

Note: (From Stephen McKitrick) There will be approximately 20-25 Tons of donated hay, 750 miles one way. The trailer and truck are from Lamar Colorado and will be returned, so fuel will be both ways.

Some of the current Donations:

Stephen McKitrick of Wiley, CO is providing the Tractor to make the trip, and much of the hay ready to load. (Not sure on amount of Hay.)

Suzanne Morgan has provided 250 # of Dog and Cat food to be taken to Montana.

Ron Peterson of Lamar, CO is providing a trailer. We’ll be responsible for tire repair, etc. but he’s providing the trailer.

And a note from Stephen McKitrick – the guy who came up with all of this:

We will need approximately $800 if nothing goes wrong, the pastor did mention that they could help on their end, but we’ve not discussed any figures.
We will possibly need some hauling permits for Wyoming and Montana.

NOTE: Current donations (as of 9/26/2017) total $150. We’re getting close to time to head out, and it would be awesome if we had more donations so we could have backup in case anything goes wrong (breakdowns, etc.).

Please note your donation will say that you are donating to Denver Web Studio – this belongs to Jan Verhoeff, and ALL money will be transferred directly to Destiny Christian Center for distribution to those in need. Our process of creating a church account is taking a bit longer than expected and these funds are crucial to the cause.

Any amount helps! $20 will take us 38 miles toward our destination.

Please fill out the information form on the page after your payment clears, for our record keeping. Thank you!

(IF you prefer to mail a check, the address is below. Thank you!)

Right now, our special donations will be going to help those who are caught in the Montana Wildfires. We have people donating time, hay, hauling equipment, and food for animals and pets, plus any other donations they can carry – to ranchers who are in need of such supplies.

If you would like to donate to this cause you may send your check or money order to:
Destiny Christian Center 
1019 10th Ave,
Greeley, CO 80631 

please note on checks “Montana Wildfire” so we can apply it to this particular cause. Thank you!

Or shortly we will have our PayPal donation button ready for action.