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  1. Pastor Grant,
    My name is Barry Reffitt. I go by bear. I am getting ready to marry a wonderful woman of God that you know. Her name is Ann Smiley. I have recently read your brother’s book and then yours. Truly informative. Or should I say awakened. I live in Indiana. I moved here from Vermont. I had it in my spirit while I was in Vermont to move to Colorado but chose Florida instead. As you know, a mans heart might make a plan but God guides his steps. I believe He brought me to Indiana for a reason. My pastor has just recently passed away. A very loving man of God, who preached the word in truth. Just as I know the next pastor will do. I just cannot get rid of this unctioning that I am supposed to be in Colorado. Even before my pastor passed away I felt this in my spirit. I don’t know when, where, how, or why, I just know I am supposed to be there. As I have stated above, I have been awakened to something I cannot deny. I don’t believe in watered down Christianity which is so prevalent in our churches today. In other words, some would say that I am radical. I take that as a badge of honor because I believe Jesus was radical. For surely if the world hated Him they shall hate me as well. I believe that speaking truth is love. No matter if it offends ones sensibilities or not. For I am more concerned about ones spirit than offending ones flesh. So, why am I contacting you? I would like to learn more. I will be listening to your sermons you have posted. Already just listened to one. My spirit is in agreement. We as a church are asleep. It is as though I am witnessing the apostate church blooming before my very eyes. I believe judgment is coming and deservably so. I will be praying about this move. When it should happen and even if it should happen. Just making sure that it is of the spirit that I am hearing this and not of my flesh. God knows. Maybe He just wants me to get in touch with you for a specific reason. I don’t know. But I do know He has used your book to show me that we are the house of Israel. I have had it in my spirit to be a radical for God since I got saved when I was 28 years old. I am now 41. He has big plans for my life and I know it, though I don’t know when it is going to come to pass, I know it will come to pass. God is faithful and just to see it come to pass. His timing is perfect and I shall wait patiently for His glory to be revealed. God bless you and your family for the ministry God has laid upon you. Continue to go forth in the power of His might and fulfill all that He has commanded of you, in the name of Jesus. Peace be with you all. I salute you in Jesus name, Amen
    p.s. I am on facebook. if you have any problems finding me, I am on Ann Smiley’s friend list. God bless you pastor.

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