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      Welcome To Destiny Christian Center

Destiny Christian Center, 1019 10th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado 80631


steven grantAt Destiny Christian Center, where God is the center, the creator, and the power of ALL. You are welcome to join us in worship, prayer, and celebration of God’s abundant goodness and mercy.

Saturdays at Destiny Christian Center Steven Grantare practice days. We gather at the church to practice worship, sing any new tunes, test the microphones, and pray for the Sunday Services.

It isn’t unusual to catch Pastor Steven Grant (author of America in the Bible) contemplating the service, testing a new song, or listening to prayer requests of church members who gather. His office is always open, ready for service.

The worship team takes advantage of these moments to bring up prayer requests, praise reports, and reminders for church members who need support, encouragement, or prayer. Destiny Christian Center is a praying church. We believe God answers prayer. And we gather in God’s house to learn, to worship, and to pray and praise Him.

God's Destiny

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Destiny Christian Center

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